I chose to research the increasingly popular "Tote Bag" which has become a unique canvas
for art and design.
I made a hand printed book and on the subject and interviewed people on the street and the designers of the bags.  I took photos of peoples bags and made cyano types which I printed on fabric to get the feel of the classic cotton tote. I also made five hand printed bags with quotes from the designers I interviewed. 
I made some hand printed Tote bags with quotes
from the designers I interviewed.
Inside the book. Mixed media - screen print, ink jet,
cyanotypes and fabric.
The book is devided into chapters, where each chapter has a small book with research and interviews, I chose to keep the rest of the book visual and loud spoken. 
The process of the making of cyano types. 
The process of screen printing.
Some of my results that was incorporated in the book. 
A project by: Helene Hagen Devold
Tutor: Chris Bigg

A special thanks to:
Jitesh Patel, Megan Price, Julia Nielsen, Mini Moderns, Rupert Meats, Stuart Walker, Simon Farrow (Progress Packaging), Karen Söderquist, Darling Cementine, all the lovely people I met in Brighton
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